There is no compromise when it comes to health and safety

Comprehensive health and safety management system

At Marra we do not compromise when it comes to Health and Safety. We are committed to looking after our people and strive to keep everyone on our sites safe at all times. Marra have a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System.

We work closely with our clients, consultants and subcontractors to drive continuous improvement to ensure Health and Safety procedures are in place.

Safety is a part of our company culture, all Marra employees have an involvement in constantly improving and maintaining our systems and processes.

Marra Construction prides itself in having achieved Tertiary Accreditation in ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices as well as having active memberships with Site Safe and EMA.

We aim to be the recognised leader in Health and Safety in our sector.


Health & Safety For New Zealand Industrial Builders

A Preface of construction industry guidelines for the provision of facilities and general safety in the construction industry. Delivered by the Honourable Doug Kidd, minister of Labour

The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 reformed the law and provided, for the first time, a comprehensive consistency and coverage of an approach to the day to day activities and management of health and safety on all New Zealand building projects.

Since its introduction the new law has proven to be very effective and innovative. It has been successfully enforced through the New Zealand courts, and has improved attitudes throughout the building and construction industries.

Further regulations were passed which contain standards for matters not clearly addressed in the Act.

The importance of enforcing the New Zealand Health and Safety law within the building industry can’t be ignored.

With that said, there is also a real need for industry-specific information for employees and employers. The Health and Safety guidelines are an important part of this process, and they provide further information on means of compliance with the Act and the regulations.

The intention in publishing The Health and Safety guidelines is that they will be another step towards the ultimate goal of the New Zealand legislation — which is to constructively change people’s responses and attitudes and to building and construction workplace health and safety.

Marra Construction, as leading Bay of Plenty commercial builders, conscientiously follow the ‘Health and Safety In Employment Act 1992 and Regulations of 1995’.

Marra Construction Industrial Builders – A leading Bay of Plenty industrial building company

Whether your business is warehousing, manufacturing, commercial or hi-tech office, Marra Construction can deliver your project needs and make your concept a reality.

Marra Construction is experienced in both conventional construction and pre-engineered steel structures.

The team at Marra Construction can evaluate your project requirements and recommend the appropriate construction process that will meet your needs. In certain project applications pre-engineered steel buildings can offer considerable savings.

Industrial and commercial building work can sometimes involve an arduous council approval process combined with a demanding schedule for works completion both of which Marra Construction has many years of experience meeting.

Choosing Marra Construction as your commercial builder

The team at Marra Construction comprehend that your construction project represents a major investment for your organisation in terms of time and money.

Marra Construction believe in delivering the maximum quality and most enduring finalised project possible.

They are 100% confident that their commitment to diligent planning and professional personal service will translate what is now a concept into a quality investment for your company’s future.