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Marra Constructions is guided by some of the most experienced and respected building construction professionals in the industry.

Marra takes great pride in its people.

We are only as good as the work we complete and the quality and work ethic demonstrated by the Marra team is second to none.

Marra’s recruitment strategy focuses on maintaining a superior workforce and we are always on the look out for the best people in the construction industry to join our team.

Meet Marra’s senior management team here:


Meet Our Team

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Greg Johnston

General Manager

Jodee Mills

Finance Manager

Melanie Sio

Office Manager

Karl Kingi

Estimating Manager

Tasmin Burt


Dean Lawrence

Commercial Manager

Aidan Marra

Project Manager
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Aaron McCormick

Construction Manager

Ian Pickering

Quantity Surveyor

Neill Marra

Quantity Surveyor

commercial building consultancy

Stan Weber

Quantity Surveyor

Philippa Davis


"We would like to commend your team on their hard work, professionalism and attitude towards providing the best product possible.

Dean, Aaron and Andy were all a pleasure to deal with throughout the project and their dedication and willingness to help was noted at AMP and from the design consultants on the project.

They have delivered a high quality product that the Co-Owners of Bayfair are proud of."

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Rob Moon, AMP Capital Shopping Centres

The Premier New Zealand Commercial Building Contractors

For more than 35 years Marra Construction has been building industrial and commercial developments and has become known as the go to New Zealand commercial building contractor for many high profile clients and projects.

When we talk about commercial projects principally a commercial project are retail and shop projects.. Industrial projects on the other hand incorporate factories and/or buildings primary concerned with industry, manufacturing and storage..

Marra Construction has completed a multitude of both industrial and commercial projects throughout New Zealand over the years.

The professional team at Marra Construction have built school projects, factory units, fire stations, apartment buildings, shopping centres and tourist visitor centres just to name a few.

Industrial & commercial building projects undertaken by Marra include the use of tilt-up concrete panels, concrete blocks, brickwork and alike.

Finding the right commercial building contractor for your project

Industrial construction and commercial building contractors are sometimes known for the lack of quality control and the use of low quality tradesmen.

Clients are always advised to use a proven and reputable commercial builder with demonstrated experience in lieu of a commercial contractor who doesn’t.

The team at Marra Construction fully understand that your industrial or commercial project represents a major investment for your company in terms of both money and time.

The team at Marra Construction believe in delivering the highest quality and most enduring purpose built project possible.

They are fully confident that their commitment to service and careful planning will transform what is now only a concept into a quality investment for you and your business future.

They are always looking at their previous building experiences to see how they can help you in the future.